Everything You Wanted to Know About English Football League & English Premier League

Best Things To Know About English Football League

Want to know about EFL Cup Draw 2017-18 or latest football news of the English football league? You will get all this information in this exclusive article. Every football lover wants to know each and every detail of popular football leagues and latest football scores. In this article, I will share detailed information about English Premier League and English Football League for the football lovers all around the world.

History of the English Football League

History of the English Football Leagues

English Football League actually founded in 1888, but it has been renamed recently. EFL has a commercial office in the London and the center of the organization is in Preston. In the beginning, clubs from England and Wales could only participate in the league. Currently, some other clubs are taking part as well. It has 72 clubs and three divisions. Each division contains an even number of clubs. This is one of the oldest in the league of England football. The English Football League has a brilliant format of promotion and relegation of the clubs. The system is known as English Football League System. According to this system, clubs can raise their ranks and get the position of the top based on their football results. Clubs on the top can even get a position in the Premier League. The EFL organization arranges two popular knock-out football competitions English Football League Cup and English Football League Trophy.

What is the EFL Cup?

EFL Cup 2017 English Football Leagues

EFL Cup is known as Carabao Cup as well. It is an annual knockout which is open to top-ranked teams in the English football league system. The three divisions of English Football League and the Premier League clubs can participate in this competition. The EFL Cup founded in 1961. Currently, 92 teams compete with each other in this knockout competition.

Champions have tasted victory more than once. The list is given of the teams that have won the trophy for more than one time.  Legendary teams like Liverpool have won the trophy a lot of times compared to the other teams like Wolves and Birmingham. Liverpool won the trophy for 8 times and following Chelsea and Aston Villa has won it for 5 times each. The teams have a tough competition regarding Liverpool.  As we go further, we see another identical group winning the trophy for 4 times. The group has Manchester City, Nottingham, Forest, Tottenham, and Manchester United these 4 teams have won the trophy for 4 times, respectively. Coming to Leicester it has won the trophy for 3 times and became the only team winning the trophy for 3 times on the list. Arsenal and Norwich are both lagging behind in respect of winning the trophies as they both have won the trophy for 2 times same as Birmingham and Wolves. For now, the Liverpool is giving the lead in winning the Trophy most of the time.

  • Wolves have won 2 Times
  • Birmingham has won 2 Times and stood 1 Times Runner-up
  • Norwich has won 2 Times and stood 2 Times Runner-up
  • Arsenal has won 2 Times and stood 5 Times Runner-up
  • Leicester has won 3 Times and stood 2 Times Runner-up
  • Manchester City has won 4 Times and stood 1 Times Runner-up
  • Nottingham Forest has won 4- Times  and stood 2 Times Runner-up
  • Tottenham has won 4 Times and stood 4 Times Runner-up
  • Manchester United has won 4 Times and stood 4 Times Runner-up
  • Chelsea has won 5 Times and stood 2 Times Runner-up
  • Aston Villa has won 5 Times and stood 3 Times Runner-up
  • Liverpool has won 8 Times and stood 4 Times Runner-up

All About EFL Cup Draw 2017-18

89 clubs from England and 3 clubs from Wales took part in this cup. EFL Cup Draw 2017 is the 58th season of this tournament.  Total 53 matches were played by 92 teams and 191 goals were scored. Samuel Saiz became the top goal scorer with 4 goals in this season. The champion team of this EPL Cup Draw 2017 is Manchester United.

English Football League Tables Home and Away

English Football League Tables Home and Away

The entire season was divided into 5 rounds, a semi-final, and a final match. The first round matches were played by 70 clubs. 48 winner clubs from Football League One and Football League Two participated in the first round. The remaining 22 clubs are from Football League Championship. 35 winning clubs from the first round along with 2 top clubs from the Football League Championship and 13 Premier League clubs participated in the second round. 7 Premier League clubs got the direct entry to the third round with 25 winners of the second round. 16 winning teams played the fourth round and then 8 teams played the fifth round. After that semifinal and final matches played by remaining teams.

By considering the goal scores Samuel Saiz is in the first rank. There are 8 players who achieved the 2nd rank by scoring three goals. The Players are,

Che Adams from Birmingham City

Tom Bradshaw from Barnsley

Jason Cummings from Nottingham Forest

Scott Hogan from Aston Villa

Josh Murphy from Norwich city

Kemar Roofe from Leeds United

Islam Slimani from Leicester City

Michy Batshuayi from Chelsea

History of the English Premier League

English Premier League founded on 20 February 1992. It has the top position in the English football league system. It is widely known as English Premier League or Barclays Premier League. This is the most popular League competition in the world. 20 football clubs are the members of this association. Each team plays 38 matches in one season.

According to the recent English Premier League Table, the Manchester City is in the top ranking position. They played 12 matches, won 11 of them and lost none. The remaining one is a drawn match. Manchester United and Chelsea get the 2nd and 3rd places respectively by winning 8 matches. Manchester lost 2 matches, Chelsea lost 3 matches among 12 matches. Tottenham Hotspur won 7 and lost 3 matches and rank in the 4th place. The Liverpool is in the fifth place by winning 6 matches. They lost two matches and drawn 4 matches.

English Premier League Matches Today

Today's English Premier League Matches

I will share some of the latest Premier League news and live football scores. These results are based on the English Premier League standings and the Barclays Premier League table.

The Barclays Premier League has made the audience sitting on the edge of their seats. According to the EPL table 2017, the match of Brighton & Hove Albion and Stoke City held on 20th November has finished with a highly competitive way, resulting in 2 goals aside resulting the match to finish in a draw match. The match held on 19th November was between Watford and West Ham United resulting in a score of-of 2-0. This match was an exciting match indeed. One of the most exciting matches among the matches that took place on 18th of November was between Manchester United and Newcastle United. This match thrilled the audience, keeping them anticipated until the last moment of the match. The match ended with the victory of the Manchester United. The score of the match was Manchester United 4 and Newcastle United 1.

From the matches that took place from 18th November to  20th November, we can see that victory has kissed the following clubs.

  • Brighton & Hove Albion
  • Watford
  • Arsenal
  • AFC Bournemouth
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester City
  • Crystal Palace
  • Everton
  • Burnley
  • Chelsea
  • Manchester United

Football has lovers all over the globe. When it comes to Club Football English Premier league is the best choice to enjoy and cheer the match. In the league matches with the performance of Manchester United and Chelsea, their supporters may have enjoyed much more than before. They are rather more satisfied with the amazing performance of their favorite club in attaining victory with such a highly competitive score.

A tough competition is followed in term of being the highest paid player in the English Premier League. In 2017 according to the latest news, Paul Pogba of Manchester United conquers the first position as the highest paid player in the English Premier League with a fee of £280,000 per week. He is nearly followed by Sergio Aguero of Manchester City as Sergio earns £240,000 per week. Pogba and Sergio have Cesc Fabregas and Eden Hazard giving them a tough competition. These two highly paid players follow them with a difference of 60,000 and 20,000 pounds, respectively. As Cesc Fabregas and Eden Hazard earn £220,000 per week from Chelsea. The competition is yet not over. Coming out of the range of 20,0000 pounds we see another high earning player Phillipe Coutinho. He earns £150,000 from Liverpool and remains in the competition of being the highest paid player in the English Premier League. Whereas Mesut Ozil has got Phillipe’s tail. As Ozil earns £140,000 per week from the Arsenal. Phillipe and Ozil must have a great possibility of going high on their chart of being the highest paid player in the English Premier League. In last of the list, you see two more players Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris earning £10,0000 per week from Tottenham. Manchester, Liverpool, and Chelsea have records of paying wages over £200 million. Players like Pogba, Sergio, and other following players are highly paid by the clubs to attain them in their respective clubs and win the upcoming English Premier League Matches.

Which teams from the Premier League are qualified for Europa League 2017/18 and Champions League?

Premier League 2017

Taking part in the Europa League and Champions League is a dream of every English premier league club. The following clubs -will play in the Europa League  2017-2018 and Champions league.

  • Tottenham,
  • Manchester City,
  • Liverpool and
  • Manchester United

After many dramatic matches, these 6 English premier league teams have recognized themselves as the competitors in the Europa League and champions league. This was quite disappointing for Arsene Wenger as his team  Arsenal fails to qualify for the champions league and qualifying only for Europa League for the first time since 1997/98. Arsenal didn’t see this kind of scenario for a long time, they find them depressed in between the failure in qualifying to the Champions League, their disappointment increased a little when they didn’t qualify for the Champions League even after a well enough victory against Everton in a score 3-0. Whereas Liverpool’s magnificent victory against Middlesbrough has made them qualified for the Europa League and the Champions League. This qualifies has made viewers astonished as Everton finishing 7th qualifies third for the Champions League.  This session the Liverpool and Chelsea will give a tough competition to other teams in the Champion league. It’s also a fact that Manchester United will play in Europa League or Champions League solely depends on their results in the match with Ajax in Europa League final. Liverpool’s victory against Middlesbrough has delighted the audience and has also qualified for the Europa League. But they will obviously have to play a champions league playoff to reach the group stage.

The Popular Sports Rivals

battles of football

Sports Rivalries is not rare in English football. The Burnley and Blackburn Rovers are the well-known rivalries of the English football audiences really enjoy the sight of battles of football between these champion teams. The rivalries between Arsenal-Chelsea rivalry: Arsenal vs. Chelsea are also another well-known rivalry of the English football. Football lovers enjoy the sight of battles between this big and competitive teams battling for the title of the championship. Chelsea also has the rivalry with the Tottenham Hotspur they are the teams whose competitions not only delights the audience but also makes sure that the stadium completely filled with the fans and football lovers of all time. The Nottingham derby: Nottingham Forest vs. Notts County is also a well known English Football Rivalry that is enjoyed by audiences and football-crazy people of all ages.  Any match between West London Brentford, Chelsea, Fulham and Queens Park Rangers teams are considered to be really famous for its great rivalry and head to head competition between these marvelous teams. The rivalries between  Liverpool F.C.–Manchester United F.C. Rivalry: Liverpool vs. Manchester United Is remarkable in the Rivalry list of the English football. The English football has always been a great atmosphere of competition and rivalry of extremely capable teams of all time.


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